Diet Myths

8 things we are lead to believe about losing weight that aren't true

Eating late at night will make you fat-

Our bodies are sophisticated machines- which balance out the our energy requirements- just as one bad meal won't make you fat , it is about total intake over a day or a week that count

Eating late at night won't make you fat, however it can make it uncomfortable to sleep and affect our sleep patterns and that is why it is best to avoid it

Food combinations will stop your body producing fat-

Some of the ones I have heard are

  • Eat Fruits Alone on an Empty Stomach

  • Never eat a concentrated protein and a concentrated carbohydrate at the same meal, so no ham or cheese sandwiches!

Studies have shown when people when given precisely the same amount of balanced nutrition with Protein, Carbs, Fruits, Vegetable and Dairy, but combining differently separating the Carbs from the protein etc, as these combination diets advocate, there was absolutely no difference, the all were put on body composition scales and there was no difference in any of them.


Celery takes more calories to digest then it actually contains- the fact itself is true, but you would have to eat so much of it for it to make any difference to your weight lose, it's just not worth entertaining

All foods are equal

Don't eat for the sake of it, empty calories will pile on the pounds and have no nutritional value, things like Sugar & diet drink will in the long run add weight not reduce it

All fat is bad

Your body needs fat to operate. Vitamins such as A and D actually need fat for the body to absorb them. We need essential fatty acids for out nervous system and lots of other components that make up our body

There is a quick fix

If any eating plan offers a quick fix, a rapid weight loss, you will only be losing water and you will soon regain that. You can also lose muscle during these fast weigh loss programmes which is never a good thing. Most of them are strict and involve plans that are impossible to stick too, look long term a 1lb a week lost is plenty

Healthy low fat foods are slimming

We know how much sugar is hidden in many low fat foods now, and then you come across the things that say they are healthy, muesli bars, low fat yoghurts you should always be wary that it isn’t just another marketing ploy. Read Your Labels!

Diets work for everyone else- just not me!

Yes they do- don't kid yourself, to lose weight you have to restrict the food you consume and combine that with regular exercise- simple scientific maths

Food in - Calories Burned = weight loss or gain

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