12 days of Christmas Superfoods

12 days of Christmas Superfood

Christmastime often gets quite a roasting from a nutrition perspective. It’s not the easiest time to embrace healthier foods, especially when you see all the tempting comforting food marketed and advertised throughout the season. . It certainly shouldn’t be a time to feel guilty about enjoying eating mince pies, Christmas cake

Though a walk on Christmas Day wouldn’t do any harm to burn off some calories!

However, if you look at the key festive foods in the UK – Brussels sprouts, parsnips, chestnuts, clementines, turkey –they all have great nutritional benefits, it’s just that they’re typically prepared, cooked and served laden with butter and salt, and this is when the nutritional value can be reduced or depleted. Whatever you cook over the festive period, though, do enjoy it along with all the festivities, and get back to the healthy eating come January.